Video Highlights

Year Opponent Source
1975 Duluth East (State Quarterfinal) WTCN
1983 Kennedy (State Quarterfinal) WCCO
1983 Henry Sibley (State Semifinal) WCCO
1983 Burnsville (State Championship) WCCO
1984 Johnson (State Quarterfinal) WCCO
1985 Hibbing (State Quarterfinal) WCCO
1985 Anoka (State Semifinal) WCCO
1985 Burnsville (State Championship) WCCO
1986 Richfield (State Quarterfinal) WCCO
1986 Hibbing (State Semifinal) WCCO
1987 Roseville (Consolation Semifinal) WCCO
1987 South St. Paul (Consolation Final) WCCO
1988 John Marshall (State Quarterfinal) WCCO
1988 Jefferson (State Semifinal) WCCO
1988 Edina (State Championship) WCCO
1991 Park (Section Semifinal) WCCO
1991 Johnson (State Quarterfinal) WCCO
1991 Grand Rapids (State Semifinal) WCCO
1991 Duluth East (State Championship) WCCO
1992 Johnson (Section Semifinal) KABL
1992 Roseville (Section Final) KABL
1992 Cloquet (State Quarterfinal) KMSP
1993 Park Center (State Quarterfinal) KMSP
1993 Moorhead (State Semifinal) KMSP
1997 White Bear Lake (Section Semifinal) KABL
1997 Jefferson (State Quarterfinal) KMSP
1997 Edina (State Semifinal) KMSP
1998 White Bear Lake KABL
1999 Roseville Media One
1999 White Bear Lake Media One
1999 Anoka Media One
1999 Irondale (Section Semifinal) Media One
1999 Roseville (Section Final) Media One
1999 Elk River (State Quarterfinal) KMSP
2000 Roseville Media One
2000 White Bear Lake Media One
2000 White Bear Lake (Section Final) Media One
2000 Edina (State Quarterfinal) KMSP
2002 Lakeville (State Quarterfinal) KMSP
2002 Jefferson (State Semifinal) KMSP
2002 Holy Angels (State Championship) KMSP
2006 White Bear Lake FSN
2006 White Bear Lake (Section Final) TV19
2006 Minnetonka (State Quarterfinal) KSTC
2007 White Bear Lake FSN
2007 White Bear Lake (Schwan Cup) FSN
2007 White Bear Lake (Section Final) TV19
2008 St. Thomas Academy FSN
2008 Moorhead FSN
2008 White Bear Lake (Section Final) TV19
2008 Lakeville South (State Quarterfinal) KSTC
2008 Roseau (State Semifinal) KSTC
2008 Edina (State Championship) KSTC
2009 Stillwater (Section Final) TV19
2009 Eden Prairie (State Quarterfinal) KSTC
2010 Benilde-St. Margaret's FSN
2010 White Bear Lake FSN
2010 Duluth East (State Quarterfinal) KSTC
2010 Minnetonka (State Semifinal) KSTC
2011 Moorhead FSN
2012 White Bear Lake TV19
2012 Maple Grove (State Quarterfinal) KSTC/WCCO
2012 Moorhead (State Semifinal) KSTC
2012 Benilde-St. Margaret's (State Championship) KSTC
2013 Eastview (State Quarterfinal) KSTC
2013 Wayzata (State Semifinal) KSTC
2013 Edina (State Championship) KSTC
2015 Stillwater (Section Final) KSTC
2018 White Bear Lake (Section Final) WCCO
2020 Moorhead (State Quarterfinal) KSTC
2020 St. Thomas Academy (State Semifinal) KSTC
2020 Eden Prairie (State Championship) KSTC
2020 Season Highlight Video Various
2022 Lakeville South (State Quarterfinal) KSTC
2022 Andover (State Semifinal) KSTC
2023 White Bear Lake BSN
2023 Minnetonka (State Quarterfinal) KSTC

Believe it or not, in the early 2000s, these fuzzy video clips were a large share of the Internet's high school hockey video collection. That has changed, and there is now a plethora of online video, more than I can keep track of. Some that fit this site's theme are listed below.

1980 Tourney Preview. Coverage of Hill-Murray begins at 15:00, with highlights of the 2OT section final win vs. Mariner.
1988 State Final
1995 White Bear Lake full regular season game.
2011 Section Final
2012 Season Highlight Video
2013 Goals and more goals and goalie saves.
2014 Wayzata
2015 Tourney Consolation. Can anyone spot the supposed goal at 0:35?
2016 Blaine. Rare 3x5 shorthanded goal.
2017 Section Final
2020 St. Thomas Academy

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